Transferring Managed Properties

Most landlords are under the impression that a Managing Authority agreement  is a binding contract with your current agent. This is not the case and most agents will not inform you of this because they want you to beleive that you are locked in for the duration!

If you are not happy with the way your property is being managed or the service you are  receiving! changing to First National Bentleigh Property Management is very easy  - let us do the work for you at no cost and no inconvenience to your exisiting tenant.

First National Bentleigh can arrange for transfer of managment of your investment property, there are no costs incurred from us or your current agent.

Once our office has recieved a signed authority,, we will notify your current agent and arrange  collection of your property file along with keys from their office.

If you would like First National Bentleigh to manage your property, please Rose Koutoumas on 0407 034 657 to discuss.